Pink Sapphires

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Pink Sapphires

3.0 ctw Radiant Cut Pink Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Ring in 14k white gold

Radiant Cut Pink Sapphire Ring

Sapphires are truly unique and rare gemstones and have been mined for centuries. One of the most popular colors of sapphire is pink and the popularity of this color increased greatly with the discovery in the 1990's of the gem in East Africa and Madagascar. The color of the sapphire is created mostly by the chromium atoms within the crystal lattice structure. Occasionally it is titanium that contribute to the color. The more chromium in the gem, the deeper and more intense the color and the more red it becomes. Pink sapphires can be found in the lightest, palest pink and this often is reminiscent of a pink diamond. Gems are also found in a pastel pink or bubble gum pink. These are some of the most popular shades. The hot and intense pink are the most rare and valued. The lightest pink shades are also hard to find because the rough material is often heat treated to improve clarity and in the process, the lightest shades of pink often intensify and what remains is a pastel or bubble gum pink gem.

2.08 ctw Peachy Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold

Round Pink Sapphire Ring

Besides Madagascar and East Africa, pink sapphire is also mined in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Myanmar and the United Sates. The cleaner the crystal and the more intense the color, the more valuable the gem. Often the stones are found with impurities and treating them with heat can improve and clarity and the color. The rarest pink sapphires are those that are sold without any treatment whatsoever. Nearly all sapphires sold in jewelry have been heat treated. The treatment is considered permanent and requires no special care.

Pink sapphires are cut into a variety of shapes, with the oval cut being the most popular. Round cuts and cushion cut gemstones are quite desirable and command a higher price, generally speaking, than do ovals. Particularly rare are princess cut pink sapphires in sizes over 1 carat. No two sapphires are alike. Popular sizes range from about three quarters of a carat to two carats. Sapphires over two carats are rare, especially when the have the desirable combination of a great cut, clarity and color.

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