The orange sapphire rings at MySapphireSource are beautiful, unique and most are one of a kind. We hand select each orange sapphire we use in our rings and only purchase sapphires that are in the top 1% of sapphires in terms of quality. Our rings are not only visually stunning but are also manufactured to last a lifetime.

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Princess Sapphire Ring Band - Shades of Orange to Yellow Sapphire in 14k yellow gold
Item #: SSR-5160 -
In Stock (one of a kind)

Item Description: What a beautiful graduation of colors! This ring is like wearing a sunset on your hand. We just love the combination of the solid 14k yellow gold bar set mounting with these 5 uniquely colored princess cut sapphires which range in color from a beautiful lemon yellow, to a yellow orange, to orange and orangey peach. Each sapphire is 3.7mm and has an excellent cut. They are also all eye clean to nearly loupe clean. The beautiful graduation in color is what makes this design so...

Vintage Engagement Rings
Item #: SSR-5268 -
Special Order- Ships in 2-3 weeks

Item Description: For those of you who love antique styled jewelry, this elegant ring is a perfect choice. The gorgeous color of the orange sapphire just dazzles next to the large oval diamonds. The ring has beautiful antique styling with milgrain edging and bead set diamonds. This ring would make a perfect engagement ring since we also have a matching band available. Or, what a delicate feminine piece for the right hand. Truly a classic to be cherished for a lifetime. A matching band is...

Genuine Round Orange Sapphire and Diamond Fashion Ring in Vintage Styled solid 14k white gold band for sale
Item #: SSR-5856 -
In Stock (one only)

Item Description: You will simply fall in love with the bright, beautiful orange color of this amazing sapphire. A lot of orange sapphires have brownish or yellowish tones and this particular gem has neither. It's just a bright orange; there's something about the color that makes you smile. It has a very nice cut and is eye clean. Because of those 2 traits, the sapphire is also very lively. The unique setting we have selected showcases this incredible stone perfectly. The ring is wide (1/2")...

Round Real Orange Sapphire Engagement Ring Set with Diamonds and Split Shank in sold white gold
Item #: SSR-5946 -
Sold Out

Item Description: At the heart of this engagement set is a truly beautiful round sapphire with an inviting orange color. It is not too dark nor too light and has the perfect intensity. The sapphire really sparkles when the facets catch the light. The setting we have selected is a simple style, a split shank design with 1 point diamonds. Not too flashy, but just enough sparkle to showcase the beautiful sapphire. There are a total of 0.30 carats of diamonds in the sapphire ring and another 0.20...

Heart Cut Natural Untreated Orange Sapphire Engagement Ring with Real Diamond Halo in solid 18k white gold
Item #: SSR-5609 -
In Stock

Item Description: Hearts and romance and a one of a kind sapphire! We've made this gorgeous ring even more special by featuring a completely natural and unheated/untreated sapphire at the center. This gorgeous heart shaped sapphire is a beautiful shade of yellow-orange sunshine and is eye clean. It is truly rare since it has not been heated, which is a common treatment of sapphires, and gemstones in general. The setting was custom made to fit this one of a kind gem. The sapphire is surrounded...

4 carat Natural Marquise Cut Yellow-Orange Sapphire Ring with real Diamond Halo and 14k white gold band
Item #: SSR-5642 -
In Stock (one only)

Item Description: This elegant and oh-so dramatic ring features a large, rare marquise cut yellow-orange sapphire framed in exquisite sparkling round diamonds . The sapphire itself is just over 1/2 inch long! It has a wonderful yellow orange color and is eye clean. We have outlined this special stone in the finest, white round diamonds for a dramatic, eye-catching look. You really will need sunglasses when you look at this ring! The setting is simple and the profile is relatively flat so this...

Large Natural Orange Sapphire Ring- Cushion Cut Orange Sapphire with real Diamond Halo in solid 18k white gold
Item #: SSR-5890 -
In Stock (one of a kind)

Item Description: Dramatic and bold, not for the faint of heart, this spectacular ring feature a nearly 7 carat orange sapphire in a custom, diamond encrusted setting. The sapphire is from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and has an inviting light orange color. It is very nearly 100% loupe clean, something you can rarely claim about a sapphire of this size. The sapphire has a superb cut and no window. It is lively and the diamonds that surround it bring the entire look to another level of spectacular. The...

Buying a Sapphire: When you buy a sapphire, you know you are buying a gemstone that will last a lifetime. It is the most durable gemstone, with a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. So in a sense, sapphires can be considered the ideal colored gemstone. With so many colors and shapes available, it is easy to find one that speaks to you. MySapphireSource has a small but beautiful collection of orange sapphire rings. We have vibrant intense oranges, pinkish oranges and yellow orange sapphires. Sapphires in sizes of 1 carat and over are considered to be important. We also offer a wide range of colored sapphires from a traditional Ceylon blue, to rich lustrous royal blue and navy blue, to many styles with sunshine yellow or lemon yellow, and some of the most elegant shades of pink, like baby pink, bubble gum pink, pink diamond pink and hot pink. Our rainbow sapphire jewelry is also not to be missed. We hand pick each and every sapphire that we use in our jewelry.

About Sapphires: Sapphires can be found in an entire rainbow of colors and sapphire is the official birthstone for the month of September. Sapphire jewelry is the traditional gift for the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) was the primary source of fine sapphires until the amazing discovery of the most beautiful stones in Kashmir in 1880. With such a limited supply, the Kashmir mines were essentially exhausted by 1930, leaving Sri Lanka as the location of the world's most beautiful sapphires. Today mining of sapphires takes place in Madagascar, Australia, Montana, and Thailand, as well as other locations. Colors other than blue, pink, and red are referred to as "rainbow sapphires" or "fancy sapphires". Red sapphires are known as rubies. MySapphireSource specializes in fine quality sapphires and offers a spectacular selection of sapphire rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. If you are looking for a one of a kind piece of sapphire jewelry, we have many unique designs available.

Enhancements: Once a sapphire is mined from the Earth, it is first cut into a shape that will best showcase the beauty of the stone. Man has used many other methods to draw maximum color, luster, clarity and brilliance from these gemstones. The other most common treatment of sapphires is heating. Nearly all sapphires are also heat treated to improve the clarity and sometimes enhance the color of the stones. Heat treatment is permanent and a standard acceptable practice in the fine jewelry industry. Less than 1% of sapphires used in jewelry are actually unheated. These sapphires generally command a premium in price over a heated sapphire, provided that the color and clarity are comparable. MySapphireSource offers a few unheated sapphires for the gem collector or for those who want the best of the best. Most sapphires we offer have been heat treated.

Care of Sapphires: With regular cleaning, your jewelry will look as good in 10 or 20 years as it does today. Use is small soft-bristled brush and lukewarm water to clean the dirt and grime that builds up underneath the stones and around the setting. This will keep your orange sapphire jewelry looking great. Sapphires are tough and durable, and can withstand most cleaning methods. Steaming or ultrasonic cleaners may be used but MySapphireSource does not recommend these methods since they can cause the settings to loosen and stones to fall out. Don't use strong chemicals or boiling water to clean your sapphires.