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Looking for a unique engagement ring? Sapphires come in all colors and are tougher than diamonds (yes, it's true). See our unique selection of fancy colored sapphire engagement rings at MySapphireSource.

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Purple Sapphire Ring
Item #: SSR-5354 -
Special Order- Ships in 2-4 weeks

Item Description: This ring is classically styled and is great for every day. It is made with a larger princess cut purple sapphire at the center and smaller princess cut sapphires which graduate in color in the band. All of the sapphires are bright, gorgeous, and eye clean. Set in white gold, the flow of color is very striking. This ring is great for someone who simply loves purple or consider it as a unique engagement ring. A matching band is available. Please inquire. ...

Untreated Purple Sapphire Ring in rose gold
Item #: SPR-128 -
Sold Out

Item Description: Purple sapphire and rose gold- a beautiful match. We just love this rose gold setting and couldn't resist pairing it with our gorgeous unheated cushion cut purple sapphire. This natural sapphire is 1.34 carats (6.2mm) in size and has a wonderful pinkish purple hue with a medium tone. The rose gold setting complements the hue of the sapphire very nicely. The sapphire is very special and rare since it is completely natural and untreated. The ring is a great wearable size making...

2.47 ctw Purple Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold
Item #: SSR-5825 -
Ships in 1-3 weeks

Item Description: This ring is all about the fabulous color of the purple sapphire we have used. It's an intense purple with flashes of violet and reddish pink. We have taken forty-nine brilliant cut round diamonds and set them around the sapphire and in a single row down the band. The setting is simple and elegant with micropave set diamonds which highlight the sapphire beautifully. The diamonds are very nice and have incredible sparkle, especially considering their smaller size. And although...

Genuine Magenta Sapphire Engagement Ring with Split Shank in 14k Rose Gold
Item #: SSR-5908 -
In Stock

Item Description: There is just something about this sapphire ring that is impeccable, elegant, eye catching, and tasteful all at the same time. The genuine magenta sapphire is a square cut, with simple rectangular facets, which gives it a streamlined and understated appearance, but definitely not boring or average since the faceting is so well done. The sapphire is truly unique with its amazing magenta hue, a combination of purple, pink, mauve and rose. The sapphire is eye clean and nearly...

Radiant Natural Green Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Ring in 18k white gold
Item #: SSR-5986 -
In Stock

Item Description: This exceptional radiant cut green sapphire comes around once in a lifetime! The combination of the large size, gorgeous color, spectacular faceting and impeccable clarity makes this a truly special and rare gem. The sapphire is just over 3 carats in size and just dazzles as the focal point of this gorgeous ring. The radiant faceting is done very well and there is no window (where you can see right through the stone to your finger) in the stone. The color play throughout the...

Natural Color Change Sapphire Ring with Heart Shape Sapphire in 18k White Gold for sale
Item #: SSR-5661 -
In Stock

Item Description: Fine pieces like this come around once in a lifetime. This ring is so amazingly beautiful, we're just not sure where to begin. The spectacular heart shaped sapphire at the center is significant and special for several reasons. First, the size is substantial, at over two carats; second, the color saturation is exceptional; third, the sapphire is eye clean; and fourth, the sapphire has natural, rare color change properties which allow it to be a rich purple with violet and...

One of a kind Large Cushion Color Change Blue Purple Sapphire Ring for sale in solid 14k white gold
Item #: SSR-5880 -
In Stock (one of a kind)

Item Description: A MJS Original Design! Found only here, this magnificent, one of a kind color change sapphire ring is simply spectacular. The sapphire is very rare and unique due to its size, clarity, cutting and color change properties. The sapphire is just over 4 1/2 carats in size, is much better than eye clean and has a superb cut so that when the facets catch the light, it truly comes alive. The sapphire is a rich royal cornflower blue in natural daylight and a vivid royal purple in...

About Sapphires: Sapphires can be found in an entire rainbow of colors. From red to orange, yellow and green, blue, violet and pink, the amazing colors of sapphire will definitely capture your eye. Kings once believed these gemstones offered protection from harm and envy. Sapphires are thought to be calm and relaxing. Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) was the foremost source of fines sapphires until the incredible discovery of extraordinary stones in Kashmir in 1880. Unfortunately, the Kashmir supply was essentially exhausted by 1930, leaving Sri Lanka as the location of the world's most beautiful sapphires. Today sapphire mining takes place in Madagascar, Australia and Thailand, as well as other locations. Colors other than blue and pink are referred to as "rainbow sapphires" or "fancy sapphires". Sapphire jewelry is the traditional gift for the fifth and forty-fifth wedding anniversaries and sapphire is the birthstone for September. My Sapphire Source specializes in fine quality sapphires and offers an amazingly gorgeous selection of sapphire rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Enhancements: Once a sapphire is mined from the Earth, it is first cut into a shape that will best showcase the beauty of the stone. There are also many fascinating other methods by which man has demonstrated his ability to draw maximum color, luster, clarity and brilliance from these gemstones. Nearly all sapphires are also heat treated to improve the clarity and sometimes enhance the color of the stones. Heat treatment is permanent and a standard acceptable practice in the fine jewelry industry. Less than 1% of sapphires used in jewelry are actually unheated. These sapphires generally command a premium in price over a heated sapphire, provided that the color and clarity are comparable. MySapphireSource offers a few unheated sapphires for the gem collector or for those who want the best of the best. Most sapphires we offer have been heat treated.

Buying a Sapphire: In a sense, sapphires can be considered the ideal colored gemstone. Besides being found in an amazing array of colors, sapphires are also the most durable gemstone, with a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Sapphires in sizes of 1 carat and over are considered to be important. Some inclusions are generally accepted, although certainly not as many as with ruby, which is in the same gemstone family. Nearly all of the sapphires at are eye clean and just as important, all are pleasing to the eye. We offer a wide range of colors from a traditional Ceylon blue, to rich lustrous royal blue, to many styles with yellow, orange and pink sapphire. Our rainbow sapphire jewelry is not to be missed either. We hand pick each and every sapphire that we use in our jewelry.

Care of Sapphires: Be sure to clean your sapphire jewelry regularly. With regular cleaning, your jewelry will look as good in 10 or 20 years as it does today. Dirt and grime can build up underneath the stones and around the setting, and using a small soft-bristled brush and lukewarm water is an easy method to keep your jewelry looking great. Since sapphires are tough and durable, they can withstand most cleaning methods. Steaming or ultrasonic cleaners are acceptable. Use common sense and don't use strong chemicals or boiling water to clean your sapphires.