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MySapphireSource has a wonderful selection of classically styled sapphire earrings including stud earrings, solitaire earrings, sapphire and diamond earrings, sapphire diamond halo earrings, bezel set earrings, hoop earrings, and dangle earrings. The sapphires are available in many different shades of blue from light periwinkle to traditional cornflower to navy blue.

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Green Sapphire Earrings - Natural Princess Cut Green Sapphire Stud Earrings in 14k white gold
Item #: SSE-5106 -
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Item Description: Indulge in the beauty of these exquisite princess cut green sapphire stud earrings. With a unique color combination of forest green and olive green, accented by a subtle hint of teal, these 4mm sapphires are a true standout. Not only are they beautifully cut, but they are also eye-clean and nearly loupe clean, ensuring their brilliance and sparkle. These earrings are a perfect size for daily wear, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any outfit. The fancy basket...

Princess Cut Purple Sapphire Stud Earrings in 14k white gold
Item #: SSE-5055 -
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Item Description: These rare matched princess cut purple sapphire stud earrings are surely to become something you wear often. At 4mm, they are a perfect size for stud earrings and have a beautiful medium purple hue with delicate pink flashes. The sapphires are set in a 14k white gold basket setting with scroll detail so these look very nice from every angle. ...

Round Sapphire Solitaire Earrings in 14k white gold for sale
Item #: SSE-5109 -
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Item Description: These stunning sapphire earrings feature 5.1mm nicely matched blue sapphires of medium tone with an amazing royal navy blue color. Their perfect size makes them a versatile option for any occasion, whether it's a formal event or just a casual day out. And with an upgraded 4-prong setting featuring a flower-like design, these earrings are the epitome of style and sophistication. The earrings will come with a plastic stabilizer back (not shown) and a 14k white gold butterfly...

Petite 0.70 ctw Ceylon Blue Sapphire and Diamond Earrings in 14k yellow gold with Screw Back Closure Sapphire Earrings, Sapphire Diamond Earrings, Blue Sapphire Earrings, Sapphire Solitaire Earrings, screw back closure
Item #: SSE-5107 -
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Item Description: Upgrade your accessory collection with these exquisite Ceylon sapphire earrings that will take your everyday style to the next level. Boasting two captivating 4mm cornflower blue sapphires, these earrings feature a stunning diamond halo design that adds glamour and sophistication to any ensemble. The sapphires' perfectly saturated medium blue color exudes timeless elegance, and their yellow gold setting is a perfect match for their beauty. A diamond frame adds extra sparkle,...

Sapphire Studs
Item #: SSE-5082 -
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Item Description: Indulge in these captivating earrings that boast rich cornflower navy blue sapphires, each masterfully crafted in a scrolled basket setting that accentuates the gemstone's inherent allure. Measuring a generous 5.4mm in diameter, these sapphires are comparable in size to 3/4 carat diamonds, making them ideal for daily wear and providing a noticeable presence that exudes confidence and style. Designed for pierced ears, these earrings are secured with a reliable butterfly clutch...

Natural Sapphire Earrings - Round Cut Sapphires with a Diamond Halo set in 14k yellow gold
Item #: SSE-5113 -
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Item Description: These natural sapphire earrings are definitely a step up from a basic stud earring, but can still be worn every day. These earrings feature a matched pair of amazing cornflower blue Ceylon sapphires set in a diamond halo design. These earrings can be your go-to earrings, the ones you reach for every day. The sapphires themselves are 4mm in size and have a nicely saturated and bright medium cornflower blue color which pairs beautifully with the yellow gold...

Sapphire Earrings
Item #: SSE-5081 -
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Item Description: Make a bold impression with these breathtaking earrings, featuring deep cornflower navy blue sapphires set in an intricate scrolled basket design. The sapphires are expertly matched and measure a generous 6.2mm in diameter, providing the perfect balance of size and elegance. These earrings are versatile enough for everyday wear, yet sophisticated enough for special occasions. Designed for pierced ears, they come with a secure butterfly clutch back to keep them in place...

Princess Cut Real Blue Sapphire Earrings with a Diamond Halo in 14k white gold
Item #: SSE-5072 -
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Item Description: Indulge in pure luxury with our exquisite Cornflower Blue Ceylon Sapphire Earrings! Adorned with stunning princess cut sapphires and dazzling diamonds, these earrings are a true feast for the eyes. Crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, these earrings boast a deep cornflower blue hue and the diamonds surrounding the sapphires only add to the stunning allure of these earrings, creating a look that is both sophisticated and glamorous. But what really sets...

5mm Round Natural Sapphire and Diamond Earrings in 14k white gold
Item #: SSE-5115 -
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Item Description: ILooking for a great classic for every day wear? These one of a kind solitaire earrings are done with hand matched, 5.1mm round cut blue sapphires that have a medium cornflower royal blue color. Sourced from Sri Lanka, known for their world-renowned, high-quality sapphires, these gems are not only beautiful but also eye clean with exceptional sparkle. The stones are set in a square diamond halo setting done in 14k white gold. The posts are threaded and have screw backs for...

Rich Blue Sapphire Earrings
Item #: SSE-5085 -
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Item Description: Immerse yourself in opulence with this stunning pair of sapphire earrings, epitomizing luxury with a magnificent 1 1/2 carats of deep, regal navy blue sapphires. Measuring 5.3mm in diameter, these sapphires are expertly cut and eye clean. The rich blue tones are perfectly complemented by the brilliant white diamonds in the halo setting, creating a breathtaking contrast that will leave you in awe. These earrings are the perfect size with a total width of 8mm, ensuring they...

5mm Cushion Cut Ceylon Natural Sapphire Earrings in 14k white gold for sale
Item #: SSE-5097 -
Special Order- Ships in 4-6 weeks

Item Description: These earrings are truly unparalleled, as the combination of matched cushion cuts and Ceylon sapphires is a rarity in the world of fine jewelry that is highly coveted. Weighing just around 2/3 of a carat each, the sapphires exhibit a captivating cornflower blue hue that strikes the perfect balance between darkness and lightness, making them an impeccable choice for earrings. These earrings are bound to turn heads and showcase their alluring color impeccably. The basket...

Real Blue Sapphire Hoop Earrings in Yellow Gold
Item #: SSE-5046 -
In Stock

Item Description: These earrings are simply wondering, measuring just over half an inch in length and delicately embracing your ear with their substantial gold weight that makes the Ceylon sapphires stand out. These exquisite sapphires are of premium quality and display a beautiful cornflower blue shade, expertly arranged in a shared prong setting that creates a dazzling effect without any additional diamonds. The textured gold on both sides adds an extra touch of sophistication to these...

Sapphire Dangle Earrings
Item #: SSE-5090 -
Special Order- Ships in 2-3 weeks

Item Description: Experience the exquisite allure of these exceptional earrings that surpass a simple diamond hoop. These earrings flaunt blue sapphire drops that are certain to capture your attention. The sparkling diamonds weigh approximately 0.61 carats, emanating a sparkle and brilliant shine. Weighing 0.89 carats, the sapphires display a gorgeous royal cornflower blue color. The basket securing the sapphires exhibits intricate flower detailing on the reverse, with each petal decorated...

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Dangle Earrings in 14k yellow gold
Item #: SSE-5100 -
In Stock

Item Description: Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with these exquisite sapphire and diamond hoop and drop earrings, perfect for those who crave sophistication in their everyday wear. These earrings surpass the simplicity of a stud and feature a mesmerizing diamond hoop that measures approximately 9/16" in length, accompanied by a captivating sapphire drop adorned with a diamond halo. The sapphires have a weight of 1.61 carats, boasting a dazzling royal cornflower blue color. Take...

Sapphires: Although sapphire means blue in Latin, sapphires can be found in an entire rainbow of colors. They are found all over the world including Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia and Thailand. Some of the finest sapphires are Ceylon (Sri Lanka) sapphires and MySapphireSource offers many jewelry pieces with Ceylon sapphires. Some of the different colors of sapphires have been given special names. For example, red sapphires are known as rubies and colors other than blue and pink are referred to as rainbow sapphires or fancy sapphires. Sapphire jewelry is the traditional gift for the fifth and forty-fifth wedding anniversaries and sapphire is the birthstone for September.

MySapphireSource has a selection of classically styled sapphire earrings including stud earrings, solitaire earrings, sapphire and diamond earrings, sapphire diamond halo earrings, bezel set earrings, hoop earrings, and dangle earrings. Sapphires are available in many different shades of blue and we have a beautiful array of options.

Care of Sapphires: Be sure to clean your sapphire earrings regularly, especially if you put them on before hairspray or facial lotions and make-up. With regular cleaning, your sapphire earrings will look as good in 10 or 20 years as it does today. Dirt and grime can build up on top or and underneath the stones and around the setting, causing them to look dull. Using a small soft-bristled brush and lukewarm water is an easy method to keep your jewelry looking great.