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The May birthstone: Emeralds are considered a precious gemstone and were once a favorite of Cleopatra. These gemstones are are said to empower its owner with foresight and bring good forturne. Its rich green hues reflect nature and symbolize fertility, rebirth and eternal love. Legends claim wearing an emerald will strengthen the memory, increase intelligence, bestow eloquence, and guard against evil spirits. Emeralds are a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, equal to Aquamarine and Morganite.

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Channel Set Natural Emerald Stackable Band Ring in solid 14k yellow gold for sale
Item #: E-5033 -
In Stock

Item Description: Gorgeous square cut natural emeralds are channel set in this simple and elegant band style ring. Tiny diamonds accentuate the border to complete the look. This ring is 3/16" wide and has a nice presence on the finger.

Genuine Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond Dome Ring in 14k yellow gold
Item #: SSR-4016 -
In Stock

Item Description: This beautiful multi gemstone ring features square cut natural rubies, sapphires and emeralds with diamond accents all wrapped in luxurious 14k gold. The precious gemstones are securely set into channels so the ring is smooth and comfortable to wear. The colors are bright and vibrant, not dull. With 5.5 grams of 14k yellow gold, this fabulous ring will stand up to a lifetime of frequent wear. ...

Solitaire Emerald Ring in White Gold
Item #: E-5443 -
In Stock

Item Description: Simple yet elegant, this sleek genuine solitaire emerald ring features a genuine 6x4mm oval emerald, set east west with modern styling. The emerald is a bright grassy green with great clarity. The semi-bezel white gold setting holds the emerald securely and creates a flat profile. The ring is easy to wear and you won't have to worry about prongs or the height of the ring getting in the way. The mounting is substantial and the ring is very comfortable on the finger. Perfect...

Genuine Oval Emerald Ring in 14k yellow gold - East West Set
Item #: E-5485 -
In Stock

Item Description: Simple yet elegant, this sleek genuine oval emerald solitaire ring features a genuine 6x4mm oval emerald, set east west with modern styling. The emerald is a bright grassy green with great clarity. The semi-bezel yellow gold setting holds the natural emerald securely and creates a flat profile. The ring is easy to wear and you won't have to worry about prongs or the height of the ring getting in the way. The mounting is substantial and the ring is very comfortable on the...

Genuine Oval Emerald and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold
Item #: E-5454 -
In Stock

Item Description: This beautiful genuine emerald and diamond ring is one of our more petite styles and is perfect for the lady with delicate hands or prefers an more understated look. The oval emerald at the center is a gorgeous, vibrant grassy-green with excellent clarity. The center gemstone is surrounded by micro-pave set diamonds and the diamonds continue down the band. Although the ring is small, it will not go unnoticed...the diamonds around the emerald really make it stand out! Enjoy. ...

Natural Emerald Ring - Three Stone Oval Emerald and Baguette Baguette Diamond Anniversary Ring in 14k white gold
Item #: E-5468-W -
In Stock

Item Description: This stunning genuine three stone emerald every day ring features three fine quality emeralds and four equally fine baguette cut diamonds. The east-west set emeralds have excellent clarity and a lovely intense grassy green hue. The baguette diamonds are near colorless and better than eye clean. These beautiful gemstones come together in this elegant anniversary style band which has a nice low profile and is perfect for every day wear. Emeralds are the gemstone symbolizing the...

Emerald Ring - Vintage Styled 3 Stone in 14k white gold
Item #: E-5308 -
In Stock

Item Description: For those who love vintage styled jewelry, this genuine emerald ring is a perfect choice. This elegant ring is made with an absolutely beautiful natural emerald with excellent clarity and depth of color. It is rich dark green in color with great transparency. There are two large fine quality oval diamonds on either side and the three stone design, symbolizing the past, present and future, is taken to the next level with the tiny fully faceted bead set diamonds that adorn the...

Genuine Emerald Ring - 3 Stone with Baguette Diamonds in 14k white gold
Item #: E-5817 -
In Stock

Item Description: We just love the overall design of this genuine emerald ring. From the complementary faceting of the emerald and baguette diamonds, to the incredible color and quality of the emerald, to the two tone setting and the lovely heart detail in the gallery, this ring is absolutely breathtaking from every angle. The emerald gemstone is nearly 1 carat in size and is a bright medium grassy green color which is quite striking between the fine white baguette diamonds set on either side....

Genuine Colombian Emerald Ring - 1.21 ctw Oval Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring in 14k white gold
Item #: E-5868 -
In Stock (one only)

Item Description: The emerald ring uses a classic diamond halo design and features a spectacular genuine Colombian emerald with a stunning bright and saturated green hue. The emerald has a nice cut and very good clarity with minimal inclusions. As you may know, emeralds are commonly found with heavy inclusions, particular black or dark inclusions which can be very distracting. This emerald is not like that at all! The clarity and transparency are excellent. The white gold setting has 14...

Genuine Emerald Ring with Baguette Diamonds in 14k white gold
Item #: E-5569 -
Special Order- Ships in 2-3 weeks

Item Description: This elegant natural emerald ring features a wonderful dark green, emerald cut emerald that is complemented perfectly by the baguette diamonds that flank each side. The genuine emerald has excellent transparency and a luxurious and rich, bright green color. The white gold band is accented with an additional ten round diamonds outlined with a milgrain border. In the gallery beneath the emerald, a romantic heart is pierced out. The emerald gemstone itself is equivalent in size...

Natural Emerald Ring - Double Diamond Halo in white gold
Item #: E-100 -
Special Order- Ships in 2-3 weeks

Item Description: This stunning natural emerald ring features an incredible emerald cut emerald with a double halo of fine quality diamonds in a delicate open shank setting. The emerald has excellent transparency and has a luxurious rich green color. The clean lines of the emerald cut gem are striking and crisp and contrast beautifully with the surrounding diamond halo setting of the same shape. The diamond encrusted split shank design gives the ring a light and airy feel. One feature we...

Emerald Ring - Natural Round Emerald in White Gold
Item #: E-5814 -
Special Order- Ships in 3-4 weeks

Item Description: This natural round emerald ring has a certain delicate and feminine quality to it because of the micropave set diamonds, but the overall look is definitely a 'wow' with the absolutely stunning 7mm bright grassy green emerald at the center. The emerald is very clear and has exceptional transparency too. It's not too dark and it's not too light. The setting we have selected looks like it is made from diamonds. The entire top surface is just covered with tiny micropave set...

Round Emerald Ring in 18k white gold
Item #: E-5769 -
In Stock (one of a kind)

Item Description: This stunning genuine emerald ring features a large round natural emerald in a size that is rarely seen. At over 7mm, this gorgeous precious gemstone will surely be noticed. Emeralds are known to have significant flaws or to have minimal transparency. But this beautiful emerald is quite the exception: it is very nearly eye clean and has exceptional transparency too! The color is a luscious and bright grassy green and not too dark or too light. The gorgeous 18k white gold...

Genuine Emerald Ring in 14k yellow gold
Item #: E-5213 -
In Stock (one of a kind)

Item Description: This dramatic and stately ring is set with a large, bright genuine Colombian emerald and a full carat of fine east-west set baguette diamonds! The emerald is absolutely stunning, and a rich deep grassy green and high clarity speaks to the exceptional quality of this gemstone. The warm color of the yellow gold setting complements the color of the emerald perfectly. The setting is substantial at a little over 10 grams of gold and yet comfortable. The ring makes for a very sleek...

Enhancements: Although cutting is the most basic enhancement method necessary to display the beauty of a gemstone, there are many fascinating methods by which man has demonstrated his ability to draw maximum color, luster, clarity and brilliance from natures earthbound treasures. A basic understanding of these enhancement techniques will add to your appreciation of the beauty, durability and value of the gemstone jewelry you already own, or plan to purchase in the future. Unlike some other gemstones, emeralds almost always contain fissures and/or inclusions when they are mined from the Earth. For this reason, many sophisticated methods are currently used to enhance the clarity of emeralds. Oils, waxes, and resins may be used to penetrate open fissures in the stones. These enhancements are industry accepted, safe and permanent if an emerald is cleaned gently (see "Emerald Care" below. You should assume that the emeralds sold at MySapphireSource and any other fine jewelry store are enhanced these industry accepted methods unless stated otherwise.

Buying an Emerald: Emeralds, among the rarest of gemstones, are almost always found with birthmarks, or inclusions. The most important factor to consider is color. The more vivid the green, the more valuable the emerald. Emeralds in sizes over 1 carat are considered to be important stones. At MySapphireSource, we have looked extensively for the finest emeralds displaying the best balance of rich green color and few inclusions. We want you to constantly admire your piece of emerald jewelry so have taken great care to select gemstones that you will be proud to wear.

Emerald Care:
All emeralds require special care. Do not use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner. Avoid sudden temperature changes, steaming and contact with cosmetics, hairspray, perfume or household chemicals. Clean only with a damp cloth or soft brush with room temperature water. Cleaning in hot, soapy water, solvents (even those made for cleaning jewelry) can cause them irreparable damage to an emerald. Please follow these instructions to keep your emerald looking its best.