Each ruby in the ruby rings at MySapphireSource is truly exceptional. Each one is hand selected for its superior color, cut and clarity characteristics and is verified by our on-staff G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist. Rubies share many of the same characteristics as sapphires as they are both part of the mineral species, corundum. The main difference between them is of course the color. Rubies are red, the beautiful and enchanting hue that symbolizes devotion, passion and desire.

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Genuine Ruby Ring- Vintage Style in 18k white gold
Item #: R-5151 -
Availability: In Stock (one only)
Price: $3,179.00

Item Description: This dramatic vintage style genuine ruby ring features a glorious rich red ruby surrounded in a bezel of luxurious 18k yellow gold. The white gold band is slightly domed and the ruby sits atop, at the center of a sea of bead set diamonds. The diamonds are separated by milgrain edging and the band is engraved towards the back. This ring is perfect for the July baby, or for the lover of unique vintage styled jewelry. It will surely make a bold beautiful statement on your...

Real Diamond & Genuine Ruby Ring - Round Diamond and Natural Round Ruby Ring in in solid 14k white gold
Item #: R-1232 -
Availability: In Stock
Price: $3,849.00

Item Description: We love the updated classic styling of this gorgeous three stone diamond ring. The center diamond is 2/3 carat in size and has been graded by the GIA laboratory to be a I color, SI2 clarity diamond. This means that the diamond is near colorless and eye clean. Small natural inclusions can be seen only under magnification. What this means to you is that the diamond appears white, brilliant and lively (not brownish, grayish or dull). We have added fine 4mm round natural Burmese...

Ruby Ring - Natural Oval with Diamonds in 14k white gold
Item #: R-5723 -
Availability: In Stock
Price: $3,949.00

Item Description: This ring is elegant and feminine and the beautiful antique styling harkens back to an era gone by. We've set a very fine quality, luxurious rich red oval Burmese ruby at the center of a pair of gorgeous sparkling oval diamonds. The ruby has exceptional clarity, something that speaks to the fine quality of the gem. The oval diamonds on each side beautifully complement the oval ruby, and tiny full cut round diamonds adorn the intricate detail in the shank If you are...

Real Oval Burmese Ruby Ring with round side natural white sapphires set in simple 14k white gold band for sale
Item #: R-5957 -
Availability: In Stock
Price: $3,949.00

Item Description: Classic, symbolic and timeless, this elegant ring showcases an oval Burmese ruby flanked by round white sapphires. The ruby has very good transparency and a deep rich red hue. It is without brownish or purplish tones, both of which are undesirable in ruby. The white sapphire side stones are excellent diamond alternatives since they have a similar look to diamonds for a tiny fraction of the cost. The ring has a low profile so it will be comfortable and easy to wear on a daily...

Ruby Ring - Natural Oval Ruby in Diamond Ballerina Gold Setting
Item #: R-5786 -
Availability: In Stock
Price: $5,049.00

Item Description: This classically styled diamond ballerina ring features a wonderful 1.45 carat natural oval ruby that has an ideal medium-bright red color. This ruby is not pink, purple, grey or brown. It's red - just as a ruby should be! The clarity and transparency are exceptional and the very minute inclusions that this ruby does have in no way detract from the beauty of this gemstone. The size of the ruby gemstone will look wonderful on a range of finger sizes. The beautiful diamonds...

Ruby Ring - Natural Oval Ruby in Diamond Halo Setting
Item #: R-5383 -
Availability: *Special Order
Price: $5,149.00

Item Description: This elegant ruby ring design features a very beautiful, fine quality natural ruby gemstone at the center in a fancy mounting with milgrain detail and is outlined in equally fine quality diamonds. The genuine ruby has a pleasing rich red color and does not have purple or pink undertones. The gemstone clarity is very good and there are no dark inclusions that take away from the beauty of the color. Fine diamonds surround the ruby and accent both sides of the band. The ring...

Burmese Ruby Three Stone Rings
Item #: R-5210 -
Availability: In Stock (one only)
Price: $12,549.00

Item Description: This classically styled ring is made with the finest ruby we offer. The primary color is a true red without the secondary pink or purple hues. The brightness and clarity are exceptional. Additionally, the carat weight and the origin of the ruby are very important. Fine rubies at 2 carats and above are very rare and couple that with the ruby being of Burmese origin, this particular stone is extremely valuable. The ruby is flanked by two large trillion cut diamonds of excellent...

Fine rubies are very rare and buying them has become increasingly difficult with the new treatments showing up in the marketplace. From heat treatment to beryllium diffusion to lead glass filling, treatments are very common, some are accepted and others are unorthodox. Untreated rubies are extremely rare and represent less than 1% of gems in the market. Most rubies available are heat treated. This is a permanent treatment and is an industry-wide accepted practice. Beryllium diffusion is somewhat uncommon and is a process by which beryllium is heated along with the ruby and during the treatment period, some of the beryllium diffuses into the ruby crystal lattice. This creates a more intense color. Glass filled rubies are made by taking bleached ruby rough and then heating it with glass. The glass penetrates the ruby and improves the clarity. This treatment is not at all stable and reduces the value of the ruby considerably. Both beryllium diffusion and lead glass filling treatments are not accepted by the industry. As a consumer looking for a fine quality ruby, check carefully to be sure the ruby you are buying has not been subjected to either one of these treatments.

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