The pink sapphire rings at MySapphireSource are among the finest available whether you're looking online or at a high end boutique jeweler. Our on staff Graduate Gemologist hand selects each and every gem for its overall beauty which includes size, quality of cut, the hue, tone, saturation, and clarity. The pink sapphires in our jewelry are in the top 1% of sapphires available in the marketplace.Our rigorous manufacturing criteria and quality standards assure that the ring you select will stand up to a lifetime of wear.

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Natural Oval Pink Sapphire Ring with Diamonds in 14k white gold
Item #: SPR-110 -
Availability: Ships in 1-2 weeks
Price: $3,859.00

Item Description: Only found here! We love the simple elegance of this design. At the center is a beautiful bright pink sapphire in an oval cut. This sapphire has the perfect pink color. Nicely saturated but not too dark. Not pale and washed out either. It is a pretty bubble gum pink and is dressed up nicely by the four diamonds that flank each side. The diamonds are near colorless and better than eye clean. They are also over 5 points each. That is a substantial size for a smaller accent...

Real ideal cut Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Natural Trillion Pink Sapphires in 14k white gold for sale
Item #: SSR-5827 -
Availability: In Stock (one only)
Price: $3,949.00

Item Description: Nothing is more elegant and classic than a past, present, future 3-stone design and this exceptional ring is very special with the ideal cut diamond at the center and the beautiful trillion cut pink sapphires that accent each side. The center diamond weighs 0.74 carats and is near colorless and better than eye clean (H/SI1). Wow, it is simply outstanding as the focal point of this ring. We wanted to select side stones that were unique and truly added something to the design...

Princess Cut Natural Pink Sapphire and Princess Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring in a solid 14k white gold band for sale
Item #: SPR-103 -
Availability: In Stock
Price: $3,949.00

Item Description: At the center of this classic three stone ring is a very fine quality princess cut pink sapphire with a gorgeous shade of intense, slightly purplish pink. The color reminds us of a beautiful orchid. The sapphire is eye clean and well cut, so there is no window in the stone. This sapphire is set in a trellis style mounting with fine quality sparkling, large princess cut diamonds on either side which are a full 1/4 carat each! In the band are three beautiful smaller princess...

PinK Sapphire Ring Rose Gold
Item #: SSR-5293 -
Availability: *Special Order*
Price: $3,949.00

Item Description: This gorgeous engagement set looks like it was custom designed for you! Both bands are adorned with 3 rows of pave, one row of pave hot pink sapphires and rows of pave diamonds on either side. The engagement ring has a nice size, 1.41 ct, bubble gum pink cushion cut sapphire at the center held in 4 sets of double prongs. The sapphire has been expertly cut and has a beautiful, inviting color. It is also eye clean! The rose gold setting adds a romantic and feminine touch to...

Rose Gold Emerald Cut Pink Sapphire Ring
Item #: SSR-5489 -
Availability: Special Order*
Price: $4,049.00

Item Description: This gorgeous pink sapphire and diamond ring is girly and feminine and also a classic to be cherished for a lifetime. The warm glow of the rose gold is an absolutely perfect complement to the very fine quality, hot pink sapphire. The sapphire is eye clean and has excellent saturation of color. The large diamonds on either side are 0.25 carats each! They are of very fine quality and this is readily evident in the unending sparkle coming from them. These fine stones are set in...

Radiant cut natural hot pink sapphire three stone engagement ring in platinum
Item #: SPR-137 -
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4,049.00

Item Description: This classic 3 stone ring is absolutely stunning. Set with gorgeous natural pink and white sapphires, this ring will surely become a favorite and truly a piece you can wear every day. The origin of the pink sapphire is Sri Lanka (Ceylon), a country known to produce some of the finest sapphires in the world. And this sapphire definitely falls into that category! The pink hue is a bright rosy-bubblegum pink with a hint of mauve in dimmer lighting. The radiant cut is actually...

Natural Peachy Pink Sapphire Ring in White Gold
Item #: SSR-5192 -
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4,049.00

Item Description: This very special peachy pink sapphire ring features a unique pink sapphire that looks very much like a padparadscha sapphire. It is 1.12 carats and has the color of the lotus blossom from which the padparadscha sapphire gets its name. The sapphire has a nice cut and is very nearly loupe clean (and completely eye clean). We have selected a truly breathtaking double diamond halo setting in 14k white gold. Wow, talk about brilliance and sparkle. The two rows of diamonds around...

Platinum Pink Sapphire Rings
Item #: SSR-5750 -
Availability: In Stock (one only)
Price: $4,149.00

Item Description: There is just something about this ring that makes it simply irresistible! The ring is neither bold nor petite, and the combination of the bubble gum pink sapphire and this elegant diamond-encrusted setting is absolutely breathtaking. The sapphire has a perfect pink color, a medium tone that is bright and vibrant against the backdrop of fine diamonds. The setting we have selected is reminiscent of an upscale designer setting and is made in precious platinum. Platinum is a...

Diamond Alternative Ring - 3.03 ctw Pink Sapphire and White Sapphire Ring - 14k white gold
Item #: SPR-121 -
Availability: Special Order
Price: $4,149.00

Item Description: A simply gorgeous every day ring! We love the simple styling of this classic three stone ring style. For those interested in a diamond alternative the beautiful unheated oval pink sapphire was paired with trillion white sapphires instead of diamonds. The color of the oval pink sapphire is a lovely light pink with a hints of peach and lavender, depending on the lighting. It has also been tested by the GIA and confirmed to be free of heat treatment. The fine trillion white...

Vintage Style Natural Pear Cut Pink Sapphire Ring with Real Baguette Diamonds in solid 18k white gold
Item #: SSR-5271 -
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4,349.00

Item Description: This breathtaking ring showcases a beautiful pear shape bright pink sapphire at the center. On either side are elegant marquise cut diamonds for a perfect complement. Channel set baguette diamonds encircle the entire ring. A beautiful teardrop pattern accents both sides of the ring, all the way around.

Pink Sapphire Diamond Halo Ring
2.90 ctw


Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold
Item #: SSR-5843 -
Availability: In Stock (one only)
Price: $4,349.00

Item Description: If you are looking for an absolutely dazzling ring, one with that flash and sparkle that can be seen across the room, then we invite you to consider this amazing piece. There is just so much to say about this ring. The sapphire is just over 2 carats in size and has a fabulous baby pink color, very similar to that of a pink diamond. It is completely clean to the eye and very nicely cut. It is the perfect focal point of this incredible ring. The diamond weight is a substantial...

Unheated Pink Sapphire Ring in 14k white gold. Looks like a pink diamond.
2.39 ctw Unheated


Light Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring in 14kw gold
Item #: SPR-111 -
Availability: Ships in 2-3 weeks
Price: $4,399.00

Item Description: A MSS Original Design: We've taken a very simple design and turned it into something spectacular with a rare unheated pink sapphire, fine quality diamonds and impeccably executed hand engraving. Seems fitting that this could also be the engagement ring of her dreams. The sapphire is just over 2 carats, better than eye clean, nicely cut and has been verified by the GIA to be natural and unheated. And the color is something very special too. It is a light and delicate pink,...

Pink Sapphire Platinum Rings
Item #: SSR-5336 -
Availability: In Stock (one only)
Price: $4,549.00

Item Description: Pink sapphires and platinum. No metal is more rare and eternal than platinum. The luxurious combination of this special metal and this extremely fine heart shape pink sapphire creates a truly exceptional look. The mounting was hand made to showcase the gorgeous bright color of the pink sapphire. Very fine quality diamonds surround the stone and extend down the shank. The sapphire is raised up slightly so the matching diamond band sits underneath. Although the sapphire sits...

Genuine Magenta Sapphire Engagement Ring with Split Shank in 14k Rose Gold
Item #: SSR-5908 -
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4,549.00

Item Description: There is just something about this sapphire ring that is impeccable, elegant, eye catching, and tasteful all at the same time. The genuine magenta sapphire is a square cut, with simple rectangular facets, which gives it a streamlined and understated appearance, but definitely not boring or average since the faceting is so well done. The sapphire is truly unique with its amazing magenta hue, a combination of purple, pink, mauve and rose. The sapphire is eye clean and nearly...

Ornate 3 stone Pink Sapphire Ring
Item #: SSR-5650 -
Availability: In Stock
Price: $4,649.00

Item Description: This classic past, present, future design is given a bit of a renaissance flair with the fancy scrolled design on the sides and edges of the ring that extends nearly to the back. The princess cut pink sapphire is eye clean and has a desirable, medium bubble pink color. It is very difficult to find princess cut pink sapphires over 1 carat in size. The sapphire is truly breathtaking and is beautifully highlighted by by large princess cut diamonds on either side. The diamonds...

Purple Magenta Sapphire Ring with Asscher Cut Diamonds
Item #: SSR-5442 -
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $5,049.00

Item Description: We've taken a classic design and turned it into something very special with the unique sapphire and hard-to-find asscher cut diamonds we have used. The sapphire weighs 1.68 carats and is approximately 7mm in size. It has been specially cut into a square cut to bring out the fabulous color, a gorgeous shade of pink and purple that you rarely see. We would describe it as a light magenta with purple-pink, pink and mauve flashes. We don't know of any other gemstone that has this...

Heart Pink Sapphire Ring
Item #: SSR-5605 -
Availability: Special Order*
Price: $5,049.00

Item Description: Hearts and romance. Pink sapphires and diamonds. What an exquisite combination! This gorgeous heart shaped sapphire is a beautiful bright intense pink that pops against the backdrop of the diamond halo that surrounds it. The sapphire has a very nice cut. There are a couple of tiny birthmarks in the sapphire that are visible at certain angles and under certain lighting. We believe that the amazing intense color more than compensates for the natural birthmarks in the sapphire...

Buying a Sapphire: In a sense, sapphires can be considered the ideal colored gemstone. They are the most durable, with a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, and they come in every color of the rainbow. When selecting a pink sapphire, select one with a color that speaks to you. Sapphires come in so many shades of pink, from hot pink, bubblegum, rose, baby, or pink diamond pink. MySapphireSource offers a large selection of pink sapphires in different colors, sizes and shapes, so you will be sure to find one that you love. Sapphires over 1 carat in size are considered to be important, and honestly, no two are alike. That's why most of our jewelry is one of a kind. Sapphires are generally clean stones but some minor inclusions are acceptable. Nearly all of the sapphires at are eye clean and just as important, all are pleasing to the eye. Don't forget to check out our gorgeous blue and yellow sapphires too. And we have an amazing collection of rainbow sapphire jewelry that will complement just about everything in your wardrobe. We hand pick each and every sapphire that we use in our jewelry.

About Sapphires: Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) was the foremost source of fine sapphires until the incredible discovery of extraordinary stones in Kashmir in 1880. Unfortunately, the Kashmir supply was essentially exhausted by 1930, leaving Sri Lanka as the location of the world's most beautiful sapphires. Today sapphire mining takes place in Madagascar, Australia and Thailand, as well as other locations. At MySapphireSource, we offer as many Ceylon sapphires as we can. Fine quality stones tend to have more fire and sparkle than similar quality stones or other origins. Colors other than blue, pink and red are referred to as "rainbow sapphires" or "fancy sapphires". Red sapphires are known as rubies.

Sapphire Gifts: Sapphire jewelry is the traditional gift for the fifth and forty-fifth wedding anniversaries and sapphire is the birthstone for September. My Sapphire Source specializes in fine quality sapphires and offers an amazingly gorgeous selection of sapphire rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Enhancements: Once a sapphire is mined, it is first cut into a shape that will best showcase the beauty including the color and brilliance of the stone. There are also other methods by which man has demonstrated his ability to draw maximum color, luster, clarity and brilliance from these gemstones. Heat treatment is a common and industry accepted treatment that is used on nearly all sapphires. The heat treatment can improve the color and clarity of the stones. The treatment is permanent and heated sapphires require no special care over their unheated counterparts. Less than 1% of sapphires used in jewelry are actually unheated. These sapphires generally command a premium in price over a heated sapphire, provided that the color and clarity are comparable. MySapphireSource offers a few unheated sapphires for the gem collector or for those who want the best of the best. Most sapphires we offer have been heat treated.

Care of Sapphires: Be sure to clean your pink sapphire jewelry regularly. With regular cleaning, your jewelry will look as good in 10 or 20 years as it does today. Dirt and grime can build up underneath the stones and around the setting, causing stones to look dull and unattractive. Using a small soft-bristled brush and lukewarm water is an easy method to keep your jewelry looking great. Since sapphires are tough and durable, they can withstand most cleaning methods. Steaming or ultrasonic cleaners can be used but doesn't recommend these methods because they can cause stones to fall out by loosening the settings. Avoid strong chemicals or boiling water to clean your sapphires.

See our jewelry in all its glorious detail. We have added video to some of our beautiful creations.

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