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couple in hammock

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for such an amazing site. I must say, we were a little hesitant at first, since we only looked on line and I never tried on a physical ring. It was a very hard decision, since you have so much variety in the way of gemstones, the settings in yellow/white gold and platinum. He proposed last night and he even chose the ring!! It's an antique cathedral style setting that is a work of art in 14kt gold and is set with bright white diamonds. It features a rich royal sapphire that's cornflower blue and changes color when the light source changes. It sparkles like crazy!! I can't believe that the ring looked so perfect on line, and it ended up being even more beautiful in person!! Once again, thank you for making our dreams come true of finding a one of kind ring that expresses "our story" and will be a family heirloom for many generations to come.

L.G. Pasadena, CA

We just got back from our wonderful French wedding and Italian honeymoon last night and I wanted to write immediately to say that the rings are better than I could ever have hoped. I will have to send you a picture once we have them all downloaded from our cameras!

I had read in previous reviews that people felt the pieces they bought were more beautiful when they arrived than the pictures they had seen, but I couldn't have imagined just how much this would be true. They are absolutely perfect - exactly what I had hoped for and wanted. My lemon yellow sapphire is so light, incredibly full of sparkle and reflects the light in the most beautiful ways, and the wedding band fits with it perfectly. I am unbelievable happy with them, and delighted that I will be wearing such amazing pieces for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for creating such beautiful pieces which are so meaningful to myself and my husband.

I also wanted to say thank you again for all the help you gave me in designing and deciding on these rings. I really feel that you went above and beyond - you had so much patience with my many questions and I never once felt rushed into any decisions. You eased any doubts that I may have had about making a purchase of this significance online.

And more than any of that you were a pleasure to correspond with, always excited about the process, and genuine in everything you said. I am very glad that I took your recommendations on board - you know what you are talking about!

I'd also like to thank Brian who was also lovely to do business with. You seem to have a wonderful culture among you - very friendly, warm and helpful. And thank you to the jeweler who made my rings - you did a beautiful job! I can't believe the number of compliments that I have received, and everyone has been asking where I got them. I'm sending them all your way!

If you would like to use this email as a review on your site I'd be happy to allow it - I have no hesitation at all in recommending you to anyone! Best wishes,

N.F. Ireland

I've never been one to wear or even desire jewels. I don't even particular like diamonds. So, my poor fiance had his work cut out for him when it came to picking out an engagement ring for me. He had no clue where to start, so I told him not to worry about getting a ring; I would just pick a wedding band out some time before the wedding. He, however, insisted that I have a ring. I did some research and discovered that sapphires are the most common alternative to diamond engagement rings. When I began scouring the web for sapphire engagement rings, I found your sight and picked out just the ring for me. It was a yellow sapphire (which I'd never even known could be possible) and it was uniquely designed. He ordered it and it arrived 3 days ago.

I was careful to pick out a moderately priced ring, so the ring that I got wasn't my first choice, but I did have to keep our budget in mind. However, when I opened the box, I knew that I'd made the best selection. The ring is absolutely GORGEOUS!! It's color is true to the photos on the site--sunshine yellow--the diamonds, though not specifically what I was interested in, perfectly compliment the sapphires and the fit was exactly right. I can't stop staring at it. Thank you so much for making such beautiful jewelry. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

A.R. South Bend, IN

I just wanted to thank you once again for all of the hard work you put into customizing my fiancee's ring just the way I wanted it to be. It really came out beautiful and perfect in every way. She loved it (and said yes!) and has received a mountain of compliments from her friends and coworkers about that ring. It's definitely special and unique. I appreciate your lightning fast responses and great customer service. It wouldn't have turned out so well without your advice, diligence and patience, and I truly thank you. The praise is very well-deserved -- this entire process exceeded my every expectation.

P.K. Mocksville, NC

I have my ring on my finger (finally) after waiting for my fiance to decide to give it to me. Since I picked out my own ring, he wanted to take some of the control back and make me wait for him to "formally" propose and present it to me. Now that I have it on, what can I say?
IT'S BEAUTIFUL! IT'S AMAZING! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THE MATCHING BAND! It is a very comfortable wear so far, and I think it's really going to feel at home on my finger for the rest of my life. Thanks so much for all of your hard work and diligence to make this dream come true for me. I looked so long for my "perfect" stone and setting. My Jewelry Source was able to do for me what all other jewelry stores I visited COULD NOT do.....which is give me a one-of-a-kind sapphire in a unique setting that reflects my personality and sets me apart from all other women and the standard wedding ring. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I thought you would be amused to know that when I go into jewelry stores now when wearing my ring, the jewelers are always in awe that my stone is not lab created. They say things like, "Are you sure it's natural? It's too perfect." or "In all my years of doing this I've never seen a NATURAL sapphire like that." or "You must have paid A FORTUNE for that!" If only they knew how reasonable your prices are, they would then call me a genius for finding your company!
I'm a lucky girl! My fiance and I are so grateful to you and your staff. Keep up the GREAT work. If I know of anyone looking to get a gemstone ring, I will definitely send them your way. Your customer service is second to none, and your product is undeniably unique. Thanks again! Your friend,
L.T. Altamont Springs, FL

I just wanted to say a great big THANKS to everyone at! I got an AMAZING cushion cut yellow sapphire engagement ring yesterday from my now fiance, Devan. I had picked it out on your website a while back and it's even more beautiful and spectacular in person than in the picture!! It's so original and beautiful and sparkly, I just love looking at it! And so many compliments too!! So, thanks for making this an experience of a lifetime! I'm so blessed and thankful that your company offered us a great price on an outstanding engagement ring! Keep up the good work and God bless! :)

J.V. Topeka, KS

My fiance absolutely loves the ring and can't stop talking about it. I spent forever searching for a natural pink sapphire engagement ring and found no place had a selection compared to yours. When we received the engagement ring she absolutely loved it and was amazed by the great quality. We would have easily spent double what we did for half the ring. I went back to you all for a matching wedding band. Once again you amazed us with the great quality of the diamonds in the wedding band. It all came together to enhance the pink sapphire. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know, and plan on using you all again in the future.

R.T. Frederick, MD

I received my Stunning Yellow Sapphire ring item # GR-5640 for Christmas 2009! I had found this ring on the net about a year and half ago. I emailed the specs to my husband & told him it would make a great 35th wedding anniversary present. Well, I didn't get it then nor for the 36th this year & I honestly thought he'd forgotten about it! But he had saved it all that time! You can ONLY imagine the look on my face & the tears that followed. We are both totally pleased! I love jewelry that is very eye catching & one of a kind! GORGEOUS--SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!

S.D. Wilkesboro, NC

I want to thank you for all of your hard work regarding finding a Sapphire and Diamond Ring. I took the ring to an independent appraiser today and I received more than excellent value. The appraiser stated that "you treated me very well." Everything was genuine and as described not only in emails but also in the Certificate of Authenticity. I am extremely pleased. My husband and I were hesitant to try an internet jeweler because prior to working with your company we had a very bad experience with another internet jeweler. I am writing this note so that you can post it on your website as I hope to encourage other buyers to use your company. Thank you and most sincerely,

D.G. Leicester, NC

It is PERFECT!!!! I love it. The ring arrived at work this morning but I was so busy with clients that I did not open the box until I arrived home. It was worth the wait:} It looks great with the bracelet and fits excellent. Once again you outdid yourself. I just can not thank you enough for all of your hard work in creating this perfect ring. I love the stone and I can not believe that you found this perfect one. Working with you, Patricia, on these four pieces of jewelry had been truly wonderful. I know you know that but I still feel the need to tell you again. I am sooooo lucky that I stumbled upon your site. I knew from the first time that we spoke that you were honest, knowledgeable and sincere. At first, I thought I would be taking a risk ordering such an expensive piece of jewelry online but in the end it never felt like a risk.
K.R. Falmouth, ME

Patricia, just received my ring and I absolutely LOVE it! I can't believe how well it blends with my antique jewelry. Your knowledge of jewelry really helped me select the perfect ring for me! Thanks Again! Your the Best!

C.H. Greenville, SC

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the excellent customer service I received. My ring is GORGEOUS! I cannot stop staring at it, I love it! Thank you so very much!

A.S. Arizona City, AZ

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