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About The Sapphires at MySapphireSource:  We make most of our sapphire jewelry in house specifically so that we have complete control over the quality of the sapphires in our jewelry. Each and every sapphire we use is hand picked for the piece of jewelry we make. We look for much more than a particular carat weight or color. We also search for the sapphires that have finest cutting and the best clarity (eye clean or better) and overall appearance.  For every sapphire that we select, hundreds of sapphires are rejected. Sapphires of the quality that we use are rare and as such, a majority of our jewelry items, rings in particular, is one or two of a kind. Since we are a small company, we are able to maintain very high quality standards for our sapphires. Larger companies who sell in quantities simply cannot have the same quality since there just aren't that many exceptional quality sapphires available. So you can be confident in your sapphire jewelry selection from MySapphireSource because you are assured that the sapphire is one of the finest available.

Sapphires come in every color of the rainbow and we strive to offer a range of colors. The most popular colors of sapphire are blue, pink and yellow and within those colors, we offer a range of shades: from light to intense cornflower, to cobalt and rich blue, from baby pink to hot pink or magenta, and from pale banana yellow to lemon yellow or bright sunshine yellow.  Color is such a personal choice and we want our customers to be able to find the color that they are drawn to most.

Care of Sapphires: We think it's important for you to know just how best to care for the sapphire jewelry you purchase from us. Rings especially will get dirty from normal wear and tear. Lotions, hairspray, cleaners and other products can easily get on the stones and around the setting. Then dust particles and dirt can easily adhere to the surface, causing the stones to look dull. If your sapphire jewelry ever looks less beautiful than the day you received it, it is likely because it is dirty. Sapphires will not fade or turn color over time. So with regular cleaning, your jewelry will look as good in 10 or 20 years as it does today. We recommend a very simple cleaning method of soaking your item in lukewarm water for a short time and then using a small soft-bristled brush to clean the top and underside of the setting and stones. The underside is where a lot of dirt can slowly accumulate. Then rinse the item and air dry or use an air canister to quickly dry the piece. Although sapphires are tough and durable, we do think its best to avoid harsh chemicals, ultrasonic and steam cleaners.

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If ring sizing is ordered, please allow 1 week for shipment. Please remember that nearly all of our rings can be sized by your local jeweler or we would be happy to size and return your ring to you within 30 days for FREE (one time only). BBB Business Review
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